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  1.   1.  Current Networks Presented
  2.   2.  Accesibility
  3.   3.  Network Map

The Kaisertown local mesh network is a distributed mesh network, which is a fully routed mesh. This means any and all hosts connected are completely routable, without the need for NAT.

1.  Current Networks Presented

Network allocations for the Kaisertown mesh are currently:,-78.8055229 (Currently a spare) 

2.  Accesibility

The network can be accessed via the Buffalomesh.net wireless network name. Currently, the following services are provided on the mesh:

A web based chatMesh Chat
Software LibrarySoftware
eBook LibraryeBooks
The Buffalomesh.net SiteBuffalomesh.net

All of these can be accessed by opening This Node in a web browser once connected to the mesh.

3.  Network Map

A work-in-progress map of the current network can be found at https://rocmesh.net

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