Meeting #6: 11/7/2014 6:30PM
Location: d!g Buffalo
640 Ellicott St
Buffalo, New York 14203

Attendees: Corey R, Matt L?, Michael J

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  1.   1.  Action Items
    1.   1.1  Old Business
    2.   1.2  New Business
  2.   2.  Short term goals (<6 mos)
  3.   3.  Midterm Goals (6-12mos)
  4.   4.  Longterm Goals (12+mos)

1.  Action Items

  • Corey R needs to share a neighborhood survey form to the mail list.
  • We need to work on lining up a neighborhood canvass of Northampton, to get ideas for what the community needs
  • Work on a Second Saturday event to teach members of the community how to build a mesh node, and deploy
  • Corey R will get Matt L? the local contact who is interested in deploying a node.

1.1  Old Business

  • Set up page to start listing obstacles, roadblocks and difficulties and set up page to start listing benefits to individuals, businesses, government etc.
    • No recent edits to this, since our financial structure is more or less set, we can begin tailoring it.
  • Begin presentation for the private sector
    • Status: I'm working on it currently -- creichle
  • Organizational Structure
    • Some sort of not-for-profit, leaning towards 501(c)3
  • Northampton Project Status
    • Figured out which should be the next mesh node, and Matt L? is going to work on some POC's for the internal Foundry network
  • Outreach efforts
    • Have we reached out to any of the Northampton residents yet?
    • No, it's now an action item
  • Hardware Procurement
    • I'm starting to procure hardware to begin a localmesh provisioning in Kaisertown. Target date for start ~First Quarter of 2015
    • An individual in Elmwood Village is consider some equipment purchases as well

1.2  New Business

  • Hardware procurement
    • Building Stock for Kaisertown
    • Building stock for Northampton
      • I know we have one sector radio+antenna and a directional radio+antenna.
  • Change of format?
    • Thinking every other event will alternate between tech meetup and administrative meetup
    • Multi-working groups meeting on different days? ie Internet Pipe group, Internal Net Development Group, Outreach Group
    • Nope. Format and location is good. Maybe the occasional meetup at d!g
      • Maybe, one meetup is a multi-group, and next meetup a "Committee Chair" meet up?
  • Next Steps for Northampton
  • GitHub for set up

2.  Short term goals (<6 mos)

  • Get a number of links going in the Northampton net
    • Status: P2P Link complete. Working on next set
  • Settle on org structure
    • Status: Non Profit, working on legal assistance
  • Plan next set of links in Northampton
    • Status: 5GHz sector node pointing down Northampton
  • Increase recruitment by word-of-mouth
    • Status: Planning "boots on the ground" neighborhood survey
  • Start planning next mesh local
    • Status: Kaisertown is "Feature Complete" mesh, basically so I can be nearby for troubleshooting

3.  Midterm Goals (6-12mos)

  • Complete Northampton (80%+)
    • Status: 5%
  • Plan Northampton expansion
    • Status: 0%
  • Finalize planning next meshlocal
    • Status: 50%. I've gotten one node online, second one going online in the next few weeks. Must meet with Kaisertown Coaltion
  • Finalize org structure
    • 10%

4.  Longterm Goals (12+mos)

  • Link two meshlocals
    • Status: Right now, Northampton <--> Kaisertown. Need elevation for this. If another meshlocal presents itself, better.
  • ???
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