Meeting #8: Friday, January 16th 6:30pm
Location: The Foundry, 298 Northampton Street, Buffalo.

Attended: Corey R, Cola B, Matt L, Eric K

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  1.   1.  Work Details
  2.   2.  What Happened
    1.   2.1  Table
    2.   2.2  Hardware testing
  3.   3.  Good
  4.   4.  Lessons learned

1.  Work Details

  • Test hardware on hand
  • Man a table for Second Saturday

2.  What Happened

2.1  Table

Table was ran, it was a good day to test out a Second Saturday as the weather created low traffic. Originally, our table was set up near the front door, but the slow traffic caused us to regroup to work do hardware work

2.2  Hardware testing

Eric K brought a ton of hardware in to test. Unfortunately, none of the devices could be reflashed. However, they are suitable for 2.4GHz client APs. Matt was hard at work getting his devices in a workable config in order to be able to mount them at the next work meetup

3.  Good

We had a couple of interested folks stop at the table. Chatted them up a bit, and a few fliers passed out. Matt is going to mount a flier dispensary at the door to the lab. Met Eric K, and introduced him to the group. Got some work done, and hardware sorted. A test Commotion device was running.

4.  Lessons learned

The table was far too plain to catch anyone's interest. The AP had the webchat app deployed, but nobody knew anything to connect to. So, dress up the table better, and get a pre-configured device with applications running. Our work efforts were sporadic, I believe we need to list what we're aiming to knock out to preclude "standing around". Also, after working with Eric, we need a better (More standard method) for hardware intake and processing.

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