Things Happening Now!

So, it appears we’ve been somewhat quiet lately, however, it’s because we’re not meeting every other week “just because”. We’ve switched to meeting once per month to discuss administrivia and strategy. Basically, organizational meetings. On the second Saturday of every month, we’re doing a Second Saturday event where we meet and greet members of the public and explain what it is we’re up to, and what it is they’re interested in.

So, on that note: This coming Friday is our strategy discussion. It’s at 6:30PM at The Foundry Buffalo.  All members of the public are welcome, and tech chit chat will be kept at a minimum.

Second Saturday will be coming up on the 14th of February (Valentines Day).  We’ll be meeting with the public, and also playing with hardware.  Bring your hardware down, and we’ll figure out if we can load the proper firmware, or find some way to deploy it on the mesh.  There’s a job for all hardware 🙂

Some of the behind-the-scenes stuff that’s been happening:

  • Matt has been working to ready hardware for deployment.  We’re aiming to get 2 more nodes in the air over the next month or so in Masten Park.
  • Our GitHub repositories have been getting filled out with tons of projects we’re working on too.  If you’re a software developer, feel free to pop over and give us some pull requests!
  • We’re working on incorporating in some fashion.  Some routes are being explored, including locating a Fiscal Sponsorship.  If you know of an organization willing to sponsor this project, let us know!
  • We’re currently collecting community input via a Google Form to gauge needs and wants of the community, as well as willingness to lend a hand in planning.  The form link is here:

So, while it’s been quiet on the site, it’s definitely been pretty active.  If you show up to either of the events listed here, and are interested in lending a hand, let Matt, Kevin, or myself know!