Second Saturday

Well, we attended the Second Saturday event at The Foundy, and it was a mixed bag.  Not a bad experience, but rather a good experience that was a mixed bag.

Some things went well, namely, we had a member of the Buffalo Municipal Fiber group show, and he had some exciting news coming from their direction.  We’re excited to hear the progress they’re group is making.  A new person came, so we could check the hardware he owned for compatibility.  We sadly found it wasn’t, however, we still have options for incompatible hardware.

We also learned that we need a better table display.  Having an AP up, and online was good and all, but nobody knew anything about it, and nobody knew how to use it.  We’ll be working on a pop-up demo AP and service simulator.

But, it was good.  Foot traffic was low, so we didn’t lose much reputation points there.  I see it as a dry run.  Lessons learned and what not.

There’s some notes about how things went, and where we’re going from here located here.  Thanks for all who came out, and thanks for your hard work on this project!