Our Project

We (as in a group of folk in Buffalo, NY) are starting the process to build a mesh network covering as much of Buffalo and WNY as possible, and to provide skills in the information technology field for community members.

We need people to help us. Roofers. Sysadmins. Accountants. College Students. Grocery Store Clerks. Coders. Project Managers. Construction workers. Web site developers. And, everyone in between I missed.

This network is being built by the community, and for the community. We (the community) own it. We build it. We control it. It’s not subject to corporate control. It’s not controlled by the big ISPs. It’s not controlled by the government. It can’t get turned off with a flip of a switch. It can’t be subjugated to spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

But in order to reach this goal, we need you! The residents of WNY. You can help: You can install gear on roofs. You can make our website look better. You can offer to help do the books. You can help decide what the network offers. You can host a node. You can make our region great. However, we cannot do it without you, the community.

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