First Friday Meeting

Well, we had a short meeting Friday.  As was expected, we had a low turnout with the holidays and all.  We discussed a really interesting problem we’re facing with the firmware currently considered for production, which is are we building a mesh for services, or for internet access?

It’s an interesting problem, because the Commotion firmware seems to be tailored for mesh networks providing internet access.  Whereas, we are desiring to build a mesh network for internal services.  There were some technical decisions made with the Commotion Wireless firmware which makes it work better for the former.  We’re working on that problem, and may decide on a new firmware to load.

Also, we discussed our articles of incorporation, and we believe they are all set, and ready for a final vote by our selected board members.  We made a couple of small edits.   We’ll be filing with the state once they are voted on.

We do have a meetup this Saturday.  Matt will likely have some work lined up for us, and everyone is welcome to come on down to The Foundry and help out, or just meet up with us to chat it over, and we can even demonstrate how some of this works.