February’s Meet Up

So, the meetup this past Friday went very well!  Lots of new faces here, and lots of great ideas generated!

Some ideas for how to fund the project in a sustainable manner, and ideas to enable end users to have more availability to get a node installed.  Also, ideas for internal applications were bounced around that would be valuable for our end users.

We’re waiting to hear back from a prospective fiscal sponsorship, so be on the lookout for updates there as well.  Meeting notes for the last meeting can be found here.  I’m hoping to prune down the old business quite a bit for the next meeting on March 6th.  Hoping to see everyone there.  If you’re interested in this project, feel free to duck into that meetup, or drop in at The Foundry this Saturday for our “Meet and Play” session.

During the Meet and Play, we’ll be running a table again (Better prepared this time) and also investigating people’s hardware they want to try and use, to see how it can fit into the mesh operations.  We’ll also be there to flash firmware for people who bought devices, and aren’t comfortable doing it themselves.

And, with that being said, we’re always looking for people who want to be involved in this.  There’s lots of jobs for people:  Writing code, installing nodes, doing research, designing materials for the public (Fliers, etc), writing articles, etc etc.  If you want to help, just come to either of our events, and we’ll figure out where you’d be best, or find something you’d be interested in helping with.