Meet Up At d!g Buffalo

Friday’s meetup went well, and I got to meet some of the folk from FIKA Buffalo, whose meeting was right before ours. Thanks go out to d!g Buffalo for hosting the meetup, it was definitely enjoyed by all 🙂

We covered some ground, namely planning what the network for Northampton is looking like going forward. Matt is working on the internal wireless network for The Foundry, to allow him some experimentation with hardware, but also to possibly let us piggy-back on that as well. We’re looking on mounting radios facing down Northampton, in order to get coverage down the street, and looking to approach other residents of the street to assist linking in a business down the road.

On this note, I’ll be posting a survey form that we’re looking to employ to get a feeling for two things:

  • What community members want from a community network
  • What communities are most interested.

It’s using Google Forms, and this will allow us to actually find out what the community is interested in, instead of deciding for them.

Also, the idea of doing a Second Saturday event at the Foundry, which we would teach people about mesh networking, the various components of a wifi network, and flashing a router with Commotion. More or less: Show them why they want it, Show them how to make it, and then give them the tools to put a node in the air. We’re looking at our first crowd funding to be targeted at getting hardware for the participants so they can go home, and install the node.

And, we have a GitHub project now. I have every desire to establish continuity for the project, in the event I “quit the internet forever” or some other such thing. The github project is hosting a copy of our website’s code, which would enable anyone to pull down a copy, and instantiate it somewhere else. Also, hosted in that project are the apps being presented in the Kaisertown network at this time.

More details are on the Meetup’s wiki page. Also, Meetup #7 is being scheduled for the 21st of this month at the Foundry.