Net Neutrality – Gone, and Local Social Media

So, with Net Neutrality getting tossed out the window, we’ve decided to get the project going again.  News will be coming, as we are currently working on the first inter-community link.

If you are interested in becoming a node operator, feel free to reach out to us at Or, use our contact form.

Also, has launched our localized social media platform, and is accessible at  It runs the Mastodon platform, which allows you to connect with other users on instances located across the globe.  Each instance is individually owned, and operated.  So, join us there, and get out from under the corporate managed view of the internet.

Net Neutrality

The recent ruling on net neutrality rules demonstrates a definite need in our community for a network owned not by corporate interest, but by the community.  If you’d like to help, please contact us at, and become a  member node.   We can help with hardware, and management.

We can take our internet back!  One link at a time!